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Principal Desk

Principal Desk


“Learning Gives creativity, Creativity Leads to thinking, Thinking Leads to Knowledge, Knowledge makes you great.- Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam”
Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam It Is Often Said That Knowledge Is power’ The Importance Of Education Cannot be Denied education Matters so much for us Because it not only provides us financial stablity, but also brings refinement in out culture. Education helps us with many things, but most importantly, it empowers an individual to think question and see beyond the obivious. In fact the first education for a child starts at home. Hence, I feel it is of almost importance that the parents also participate and interact with teachers and contribute in the growth and development of their child.


We aim to create a safe nurturing get challenging environment that is Built on positive relationships , developing the whole student emotionally socially and academically, we pride an appealing and stimulating curriculam that is Flexible and tailored to the needs of each and every student as we strive for high educational outcomes and bestonal beats for all of our student our school a filled with dedicated porefessional staff committed to providing the students with a quality education we provide a balanced environment focused on shaping children into leaders of tomorrow by offering comprehensive education through a developmental approach the school environment promotes order independence a love for learning, a conneetion to the world and a sense of social responsibility . As a principal it will always be my mission to put kids first .My belife is that all students can leran , and it is out job to support of their needs.I also want all children to love school .We promise to provide the best learning environment that is positive,safe and caring .My team of KP.S will come together with the priority of having every students best interest at heart .

Mr. Ankit Jaiswal